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Fire_Extinguisher_SignIn recognition of Burn Awareness Week (Feb. 1-7), Safety in Paradise would like to encourage employers to determine their level of readiness regarding workplace fire/burn incidents. How quickly would you and your employees be able to respond to a fire/burn incident in the workplace? Are your first aid supply kits (if available) maintained? Do you need portable fire extinguishers? If you have portable fire extinguishers are they mounted, identified, quickly accessible and in working condition? If your employees are required to use fire extinguishers, have they also received training? Do you have a sprinkler system and, if so, is it regularly maintained? Is your fire alarm system operable and tested on a regular basis? Are emergency routes free from obstruction and emergency exits unlocked and accessible at all times? Do you have some form of an emergency evacuation plan implemented to include executing fire drills at your location?

The OSHA website provides resources to assist with answering/addressing these and other questions that help identify the fire safety needs specific to each work environment. The comprehensive Evacuation Plans and Procedures eTool ( will assist employers with implementing an emergency action plan and complying with OSHA’s emergency standards. In addition, employers are encouraged to review the OSHA fact sheet “Fire Safety in the Workplace” at

For further assistance regarding this topic in the form of free consultation services, policy development, or training, please contact the UVICELL Safety in Paradise office at 340-713-1619 or via email at We look forward to helping you meet your safety and health needs today!