US Virgin Islands Hotel & Tourism Association

Please join us in welcoming our

New MBW Board of Director Officers

Top Left: Ty Troutman – Board President
Top Right: Tiia Fraebel – Board Vice President
Bottom Left: Kirk Callwood – Board Treasurer
Bottom Right: Anne Hemmert – Board Secretary
At the annual My Brother’s Workshop meeting held in February, longtime MBW supporter, Ty Troutman of Bechtel, was elected President of MBW’s Board of Directors. Ty will replace Lisa Hamilton, who served as MBW Board President for 2 years and also held the position as secretary. Lisa has served on the MBW Board since 2014.

“It’s been an honor to serve on My Brother’s Workshop’s Executive Committee since 2016 and its board since 2012. It’s been a pleasure to further the mission of such a dynamic organization, and I look forward to continuing to contribute to MBW’s growth and development as a board member. MBW has expanded from a single construction training site on St. Thomas to adding a café, an educational/counseling center, marine training, the St. Croix workshop and new programs which will launch this year. The executive committee will benefit from the leadership of Ty Troutman, who I’m confident will bring a breath of fresh air to the organization.” – Lisa Hamilton, MBW Board Member

“I am incredibly honored by the opportunity to lead MBW as we continue to expand and impact more and more lives in the Virgin Islands. As a long time supporter, I know that our program is not only an asset to the community, but essential. I look forward to serving as Board President and working with my fellow board members to further the mission of this wonderful organization.” -Ty Troutman, MBW Board President

Also new to the Board of Directors Officers is Board Vice President, Tiia Fraebel. Tiia has served on the MBW Board of Directors for 2 years. “MBW has experienced immense growth over the past few years, helping numerous young men and women within our community. I am excited for the organization’s future plans to start to unfold and for even more opportunities to arise. It is a pleasure to serve as Vice President of the board with an organization that is such an asset to the USVI.”  -Tiia Faebel, MBW Board Vice President 

MBW Treasurer, Kirk Callwood and Secretary, Anne Hemmert have been re-elected for another term.

Douglas Brady, Michael DeLugo, Christopher Finch, Clifford Graham, Lisa Hamilton, Allison O’Boyle, Kurt Petri and Jeff Neevel will serve as board members for another term. Board members (MBW’s volunteer leaders) meet regularly with the budget and officers determined at the annual meeting and other business matters discussed throughout the year. Members of the board of directors are elected to serve two-year terms with the officers being elected annually at the annual meeting.

“I would like to thank each board member for everything they do for MBW and our community. This volunteer leadership position is not taken lightly by any of our board members and their dedication to the organization is greatly appreciated.” –Jenny Hawkes, MBW Executive Director