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They’re here and selling fast! Our unisex Limited Edition Supporter Bracelets make the perfect holiday gift for all of your loved ones. Each year, MBW opens the door to 130-150 at risk youth to defy their circumstances and rise above their challenges. These limited edition bracelets honor the first 1200 such stories, and your purchase will go towards providing hope and healing to the next 1200 trainees to come through our doors.

Each bracelet has a word on it that corresponds to a trainee who exudes that trait, a number that signifies their student number at MBW and was engraved by our trainees at the laser shop.

  • #5 – Strong: Everton (the fifth trainee at MBW)
  • #53 – Growth: Orville
  • #147 – Faith: Keith
  • #399 – Courage: Kervan
  • #479 – Transform: CoraLee
  • #481 – Perseverance: Emmanuel
  • #566 – Hope: Jamoi
  • #612 – Truth: Pierce
  • #694 – Healing: Kaysten
  • #777 – Love: Alali
  • #783 – Redemption: Bert
  • #924 – Kinship: Deandra
  • #1113 – Peace: Arri-Yannah

Your friends and family will love receiving these supporter bracelets as their holiday gifts this year. Stop by our Café and Bakery or office (located in the Grand Galleria Building) to purchase your bracelets. Each one is $20 and all proceeds go back into the program to help further the mission of MBW.

Our crystal ornaments (laser engraved by our trainees at our workshop) will look perfect hanging from your Christmas tree. Ornaments are $20 each and are available at MBW Cafe and Bakery and our office location (in the Grand Galleria Building behind Jen’s Deli). All purchases from MBW go back into the program to further our mission.

Bracelets and ornament orders of five or more may be placed and shipped to your address. To place your order please call 340-715-2765 or email

Come by MBW Cafe and Bakery to shop our full line of holiday products. We have an assortment of products that are made and/or engraved by our trainees at our workshop.