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Photo 4My Brother’s Workshop hosted an open house on May 5 as it showcased its two new training programs, manufacturing and welding.  The organization also introduced its new partnership with Kym’s Kids Caribbean.

Founded in 2007, My Brother’s Workshop has worked with hundreds of youth, helping them find direction and training them in carpentry, woodworking, culinary and hospitality.  MBW is now adding manufacturing and welding to its growing list of workforce training. With equipment that can engrave leather, wood, glass, metal or ceramics, MBW will be able to create custom designs for individuals, businesses and other agencies.

“We are always searching for new ways to inspire our kids and give them opportunities to obtain jobs in different areas of employment,” Program Director/Founder Scott Bradley said. “This is an exciting time for us as we add new skill sets, new ways to produce product revenue and to add capacity to have more young people.”

Additionally, MBW announced a new partnership with Kym’s Kids Caribbean, a non-profit organization founded by husband and wife team George and Kym Rapier that is focused on helping youth discover the value of volunteering and education. With similar missions, the two organizations will be focusing on reaching the trainees on a deeper level and giving them more support and tools to succeed.

“With these two new training programs and the partnership with Kym’s Kids Caribbean, we will continue to grow and continue to serve our young people,” said MBW Executive Director Jenny Hawkes. “To see the community supporting what we do and celebrating with us gives us the passion to dream and the energy to fulfill those dreams, and that is what we see on a daily basis as our trainees reach their goals.”

Photo 3The MBW Café and Bakery team catered the event, giving attendees a chance to witness all of the organization’s current training opportunities firsthand. In addition to showing off their culinary skills with tasty treats, the organization premiered new customized travel mugs which they will have for sale for $15-$20. There seems to be no limit to what this organization can do for its trainees!

For more information regarding the new programs, the new product line, or the new partnership, please contact Jenny Hawkes at 340-715-2769 or