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The National Park Service (NPS) is releasing an initial set of concepts that could guide the redevelopment of Caneel Bay at Virgin Islands National Park. We are inviting you to join our virtual public meeting on the evening of February 8th, and to provide input on the draft alternatives during our 30 day public comment period ending February 17, 2022. Links to access the document, join the virtual public meeting, and submit comments can all be found at the end of this invitation. The bottom of this invite lists the three ways to submit comments for review.

Using the feedback the NPS received during the 2021 public meetings, we developed a preliminary range of alternatives that prioritize the protection of resources and expand public access to Caneel Bay. Civic engagement is an important part of the redevelopment process. We look forward to receiving the public’s feedback on these draft alternatives as we work together to create the best possible future for Caneel Bay.

While the Caneel Bay retained use estate (RUE) will remain in place until its expiration on September 30, 2023, the NPS began planning for the Caneel Bay redevelopment last fall. The goals of the redevelopment plan are to ensure the preservation and protection of natural, cultural and marine resources, provide for economic development opportunities through commercial services, maximize operational efficiencies, and ensure compliance with law, regulation and policy.

In line with these objectives, four preliminary redevelopment options are proposed for the public to comment on, including:

Alternative A— The NPS preliminary proposed action balances enhanced public access, recreational opportunities, resource protection and park operational efficiency while re-establishing a world-class overnight experience at a luxury resort. Additionally, the concept calls for a mid-range overnight experience at Hawksnest Beach separate from the resort, and the NPS would provide space for an organization to design, fund, construct, and operate a community destination, such as an amphitheater, museum, or cultural center.

Alternative B offers a similar management approach to Alternative A, except the resort area is expanded, a mid-range overnight experience and public access at Hawksnest Beach is removed.

Alternative C includes all resort zone elements identified in Alternative A, and the resort zone is similar to that of the historic boundaries of the Caneel Bay RUE. No visitor services would be provided at the site for non-resort guests, and the NPS would not provide a community space at the Caneel Bay area.

No-Action Alternative assumes sole management by the NPS upon expiration of the RUE in 2023. The NPS would not issue any permit, lease or concession contract. The NPS would minimally restore the site to allow for safe access by visitors through existing roads and trails, including safe access to beaches.

We invite you to review the newsletter and our list of Frequently Asked Questions, both available for download at the bottom of this website:
Parkplanning – Redevelopment of Caneel Bay – Civic Engagement Newsletter (

NPS will hold a virtual public meeting on Tuesday, February 8 at 6 p.m. Atlantic Standard Time. We are inviting you to attend the virtual event by clicking on the link at the bottom of this website: National Park Service – PEPC – Meeting Notices (

Please submit your comments by February 17, 2022. There are three ways to submit comments on the draft alternatives:

1) Comments may be submitted electronically via this website (preferred):

National Park Service – PEPC – Redevelopment of Caneel Bay – Civic Engagement Newsletter -Submit Comments (

2) Comments may be submitted via the virtual public meeting.

3) Written comments may also be hand-delivered or mailed to the park headquarters at:

Caneel Bay Redevelopment and Management Plan

c/o Superintendent Nigel Fields

1300 Cruz Bay Creek

St. John, VI 00830