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Millions of people work with computers every day. Today’s computer workstation has few hazards that the typical worker will be exposed to if all components are functioning properly. Many injuries or illnesses associated with a computer workstation will be of an ergonomic nature and thus may be difficult to diagnose. Likewise, workstation hazards may be a bit challenging to identify since there is no single “correct” posture or arrangement of components that will fit everyone. Even though there are no specific OSHA standards that apply to computer workstations or extremely low frequency electric and magnetic field exposure, some existing OSHA standards apply. Some are the standards on electrical safety, radiation exposure and noise, which apply to all workplaces including office environments.

Hence, any physical factor within the environment that harms the musculoskeletal system, known as an ergonomic hazard, need to be addressed and corrected. Ergonomic hazards include themes such as repetitive movement, manual handling, workplace/job/task design, uncomfortable workstation height and poor body positioning. The work area, the equipment used there and the work environment itself must be designed in a way that provides a safe and healthful surrounding for all employees.

OSHA has developed an eTool to illustrate simple, inexpensive principles that will help you create a safe and comfortable computer workstation. You can access this eTool at:

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