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Pistarckle Theater invites you to become a sponsor of students at our 20th Annual 2018 Musical Theater Summer Camp and Leadership Camp. You can feel secure that your donation will be used well — we were named 1 of 50 Finalists for the 2017 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards!

The 2018 Summer Musical Theater Camp will feature the musical Oliver! Students ages 9 and up spend six weeks during camp learning all facets of the performing arts. We jump right into our Leadership Camp after Oliver! That’s 10 weeks of summer camp at Pistarckle! Ten scholarships are currently being offered, courtesy of a grant from the Community Development Block Grant, but many more families need financial aid.

Early training at Pistarckle gives talented children a very strong beginning in the performing arts. Children love the summer camps and many return year after year. Many of our graduating youth are determined to pursue careers or are already working in the performing arts.

  • Irvin Mason began at Pistarckle at 11. He has attended every camp since then until 2016, and, as a teenager, appeared in countless mainstage productions at Pistarckle. At 18, he won a full college scholarship from UCLA in Theater Directing. He was also the local 2016 winner of Poetry Out Loud.
  • Skye Van Rensselaer began at Pistarckle in 1998 and was in every camp until adulthood. She majored in Musical Theater at Skidmore College. Now she is a working actress in New York City and has trained at and performed at Columbia University’s acclaimed Anne Bogart’s SITI Company.
  • Michi Smith, a raw talent in the making, was the 2016 Miss Bertha C. Boschulte winner (BCB Middle School), and we are so excited to watch her continue to grow.
  • Karen Gauriloff has called Pistarckle Theater a “second home” and has been with us since her early teens. As a high school junior, she was just accepted as an early-start freshman, plus a full theatre scholarship, at the prestigious Allegheny College, and she recently placed at VICA’s Poetry Out Loud Territorial Finals.

(And there are many, many more!)

Please think about the positive changes your contribution would make to a child of the Virgin Islands. The early years are so important, and our camps help children of diverse racial and socio-economic backgrounds gain confidence, work in a team, develop an assertive voice for public speaking and perform in front of an audience. Please consider selecting a recurring donation. Smaller frequent donations are easier on your bank account and are a substantial help to the theater. Support Pistarckle Theater!

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