US Virgin Islands Hotel & Tourism Association , serving the island since the dawn of the internet in 1999, is pleased to announce the addition of two new hi-resolution video streaming cameras, broadcasting live video 24 hours/day, 7 days per week through the YouTube Channel.

Both new cameras are located at the Tamarind Reef Resort, Spa and Marina. The two new cameras are equipped with the latest state-of -the art technology and streaming video with live motion rotating pan and zoom views.  These two cameras will join a network that already is receiving a record number of views. The channel received over twice the views for the past 28 days vs. the same period in 2020– 318,000 vs. 155,000.The Channel now has close to 10,000 regular subscribers.

The two new Tamarind Reef cameras can be viewed HERE for the Tamarind Reef Beach view and HERE for the Green Cay Marina view.

“We believe that the recently increased viewership is attributable not only to increased seasonal demand but also due to folks with an interest in St Croix such as frequent or past visitors, off island property owners, business people, those with relatives and friends now living in St.Croix wanting to view the island plus thousands of people looking to get away as soon as they feel comfortable”, states Founder and President of, parent of . He continues, “ As the health situation improves, we should see more and more people utilizing the cameras to scout St. Croix as a possible travel destination.”

All 13 cameras can be accessed on the main page of  as well as through the YouTube Channel .

Performance and related benefit to St. Croix from the live views since inception of the network has been nothing short of astounding. Total views for all cameras in 2020 was 2.2 million views, which was double the 2019 views and we are projecting over 3.5 million views for 2021.

Yaegel further adds, “Additional camera locations and sponsors are welcome. Sponsorship of a hi res camera installation on your property with access through and its YouTube Channel is minimal compared to the benefit. Every hotel, eatery, water sports operator and others with an important St Croix view is welcome to join, participate and exhibit their property or business.” He adds, “the more cameras, the more we can showcase live the beauty and appeal of St. Croix and show the world that we will continue to be an attractive destination for visitors”. For complete info just email