US Virgin Islands Hotel & Tourism Association

Commissioner Nicholson-DotyBeverly Nicholson recently started her third term or ninth year as the governor-appointed Commissioner of Tourism. She and newly elected governor Kenneth Mapp led a delegation on a national promotion tour in the United States to raise awareness of the beautiful vacation destination with a strong eye on business development.

“These tours help create a multi-level approach where consumers see and hear us and then they read about it or see our advertisements,” said Nicholson-Doty. “Being here allows us to meet with business leaders and learn what the economic areas are that can be mutually beneficial.”

Nicholson-Doty sat down with Atlanta Blackstar to share her thoughts on how she and Gov. Mapp hope to see the U.S. Virgin Islands grow in the future. She participated in a Q&A, engaging in questions such as “In your business development pursuit, how much do you stress the opportunities for jobs for Virgin Islanders?” and “Surely you want those from one of the three Virgin Islands to visit the others, but island-to-island travel is quite costly. Can that be addressed?”

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Article Source: Curtis Bunn,