US Virgin Islands Hotel & Tourism Association

Big things are happening at the MVP! A week ago, we promised students a huge surprise and it came on Saturday when Capt. Doug McLean arrived at the office mooring at 11 a.m. on his IC24. Eleven students sat for a chalkboard learning session and after a big lunch – half hopped into the sailboat and the others onto our 28′ power boat.  Both vessels wound up at Happy Island where students traded places – one group going snorkeling, while the others took off sailing. The plan (budget possible) is to offer sailing lessons every other Saturday. The secret goal (don’t tell anyone) is to someday see our MVP students racing against the St. Thomas Yacht Clubbers!

More happening to report!  The MVP has been informed that the Community Foundation (CFVI) will award grant funding for the specific purchase of a large screen 55″ smart television.  Imagine how this can help classroom training when the instructor can say “look it up” during training sessions.  The graphics of subjects such as navigation, sailing, boat parts, etc. all made easy! Many thanks to the CFVI for their continued support!

Another announcement is the MVP’s community offering of a free listing service. This can benefit both buyers and sellers, and clearly the purpose behind the effort is to build readership and to hopefully earn donations. Sellers simply provide their photos and a description of the  item – buyers will be contacting the seller directly. If a sale happens, hopefully the seller will “thank” the MVP for it’s web work efforts. See the offering at: and share with friends so we can start to receive listings.