US Virgin Islands Hotel & Tourism Association

Due to the pandemic, CHTA’s Annual General meeting is rescheduled for Friday, October 16th. This will be a virtual meeting which is now permissible due to recent revisions to CHTA’s Bylaws.

At the 2020 Annual General Meeting of the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association, the CHTA Board of Directors will be asked to elect a new President, five Vice Presidents and a Treasurer. Normally, the President-Elect automatically assumes the position of President, but due to unforeseen circumstances the President-Elect is unable to assume the post, hence the need to also elect a new President.

Nominations for each of the elected positions are accepted in two ways. First, they may be recommended by any one of CHTA’s 33 National Hotel and Tourism Associations (NHTA) which then presents their nominee(s) by Monday, August 17th to CHTA’s Nominating Committee through the CEO/Director General. The Nominating Committee then reviews all nominations and submits a report and recommendations to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. As a member, you can make a recommendation through one of the Associations. Nominations can also be accepted at the AGM, provided they are eligible nominees (see below for criteria) and a nomination is supported by at least five Active (hotel) members in good standing.

Any such individual submitted for nomination for the position of President and 1st Vice President through 4th Vice Presidentmust be a representative of a fully paid up Active Member (hotel) of CHTA and must be currently serving on the CHTA Board of Directors. Please note that for the positions of 5th Vice President and Treasurer, nominations can also include an individual representing a fully paid up Allied Member or Hotel Association Executive who is currently serving on the CHTA Board of Directors (refer to list on this link for current listing of the Board of Directors). Note: Board of Directors list also indicates those members who are currently serving as Officers and Committee Chairs.

Nominations being submitted through an NHTA should complete the nomination form (refer to this link for nomination form), reaching the NHTA no later than Monday, August 17th, 2020. Nominees must indicate their ability to commit the time necessary to fulfill the various responsibilities as an Elected Officer of CHTA. Please refer to the Guidelines for the Responsibilities of Elected Officers (refer to list on this link for Guidelines), which also outlines key organizational areas of focus as identified in our current strategic plan.

Please contact me for any clarification or additional information.

Kind regards,

Frank Comito, CEO and Director General

Nomination Form

CHTA Board of Directors List

Guidelines for the Responsibilities of Elected Officers