US Virgin Islands Hotel & Tourism Association

VIPCA Members,

Please note the below instruction from the governor’s office requiring that ALL vessels submit a long-term anchor permit (if anchored) and health questionnaire form to be emailed to Once processed, applicants will be contacted by staff to complete the process. View full press release here.

See this link:

In accordance with the Third Supplemental Executive Order, in response to the State of Emergency Declaration by the Honorable Albert Bryan Jr., in response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, all persons currently anchoring or seeking to anchor in the waters of the United States Virgin Islands are required to obtain a long term anchoring permit.  In addition to completing the anchoring permit application all persons must complete the health questionnaire linked below.

The governor is requesting that the provisions of the executive order for stay in place on your vessels. He indicates that while we welcome you to continue to stay in the USVI for the duration of this crisis, all mariners will need to follow the regulations of DPNR on continued mooring in approved bays.