US Virgin Islands Hotel & Tourism Association


  1. Governor Bryan has declared all beaches CLOSED to the public effective today, until April 20th.
    2. Be aware that the National Guard and/or VI Police, will be enforcing beach closures until April 20th.
    3. It is NOT recommended that yacht crew and/or guests attempt to land on beaches, especially the public beaches of Magens, Lindquist, and Brewers until April 21st.
  1. Black-water discharge while in USVI waters: for vessels at anchor or cruising in USVI waters, please be aware that you are being closely observed by people who are under stay-at-home orders, and that in many cases have plenty of time on their hands.
    1. It is IMPERATIVE that all yachts respect US Virgin Island law regarding black-water discharge from their holding tanks
    2. It is illegal for a vessel to discharge raw sewage within the 3 nautical mile limit of the territorial waters of the U.S. Virgin Islands

Social media users highlighted the other day a large yacht for doing the right thing: departing Magens Bay out to sea, to conduct what the writer presumes to be a black water drop outside the 3-mile limit. I mention this so that all captains are aware that you are being closely observed, and thus the importance more-than-ever that we the yachting community respect federal and state regulations, especially during such heightened sensitivities at this time.



Yacht Haven Grande Marina customer circular, on behalf of the USVI Virgin Islands Government:

If you are anchored, or intending to anchor in any bays of the US Virgin Islands for any length of time, please take note of this requirement by the Department of Planning & Natural Resources (DPNR):

  1. In accordance with the Third Supplemental Executive Order in response to the State of Emergency Declaration by the Honorable Albert Bryan Jr. in response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, all persons currently anchoring, or seeking to anchor, in the waters of the United States Virgin Islands are required to obtain a long-term anchoring permit.  In addition to completing the anchoring permit application, all persons must complete the following health questionnaire.
  2. All applications and questions should be directed to , who is in copy to this email.
  3. More information can be found at the DPNR website that relates to this order: