US Virgin Islands Hotel & Tourism Association

HTA Board 4_20_16_2The USVIHTA Board of Directors had its final meeting with Coral World Ocean Park General Manager Trudie Prior at the helm as chairman. While the board will miss her passion and direction, we are thankful to continue working with her as chairman of the Advocacy Committee.

“It was a distinct pleasure working with Trudie Prior over the past four years as chairman. She is a consummate professional, forward thinker and dedicated leader. I learned a great deal from her and look forward to continuing to work with her,” said USVIHTA President Lisa Hamilton.

“I hope that I have contributed as much as I have gained from participating in the USVI Hotel and Tourism Association, and urge all our members to take a more active role,” said Prior. “There is strength in numbers. We represent a critical part of our economy and USVIHTA provides a vehicle to make our voices heard.”

Richard Doumeng, USVIHTA board member and chairman of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association board of directors, noted that Prior’s role as chairman made the USVIHTA the only regional association to be chaired by a non-hotelier.

“In order for that leadership position to be held by an allied member, it takes a very special person. Trudie has been that kind of person. She has done something that isn’t easy for many highly successful people. She has led us and learned along the way. And we hoteliers have learned from her,” Doumeng said. “She leaves her chairmanship as an example; how much you care and how much passion you have for your islands and your industry is more important than what segment of the tourism economy you work in.”