US Virgin Islands Hotel & Tourism Association

AirAmericaAir America presented its new image in a press conference held at the Cyril E. King Airport. Well known executives from the aviation industry as well as from the tourism sector gathered at the event to learn about the new improvements Air America has been working on for the past year.

Through a substantial investment, the company renewed their planes, hired new personnel with vast experience and made other significant improvements to enhance the customer’s experience.

“We are celebrating after a year of hard work, and today we’re ready to present the new Air America to the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Caribbean. Our main purpose is to provide the passengers a pleasant experience before they board the aircraft, and in this way, become the number one charter company in the Caribbean,” expressed Luis Feliciano, president of the company.

AirAmerica3Currently, the company has five twin-engine plans; four of these planes are showcasing artwork from renowned artists from the Caribbean. All the aircraft have different artwork that highlights the destination they travel to.

“Working with the artists Carlos Davila Rinaldi and David Zayas from Puerto Rico, and Lisa Etre and Janet Cook-Rutnik from the USVI has been an extraordinary experience. Each one has contributed their art, their time and creativity to the new Air America. The final product is a true work of art. Through their representations, our aircraft express what the Caribbean is about,” described the president.

As part of the new launch, Air America also updated its website and ventured into social media networks to achieve a greater increase of clientele.

According to Feliciano, Air America has experienced an increase of 23 percent in operations since they acquired the company in Dec. 2014.