US Virgin Islands Hotel & Tourism Association

CMI: Since taking over management of the USVIHTA websites and social media channels in June, the ChartLocal team has been working to broaden the reach of the association and our membership. The partnership calls for ChartLocal to host and manage both the consumer and member websites as well as promote USVI tourism and members through Facebook and social media. Lynnsy Jones is keeping the consumer-reaching social media updated with content about USVIHTA members and our offerings. She also created a new membership Facebook page to promote association events and activities and those of members as well as to tout the benefits of membership to would-be members. Send social media content – photos, videos, promotions – to Lynnsy Jones at for inclusion on our sites. According to Jones, the member page “is a great one-stop place to connect with HTA and the other members.”

The original scope of work for the new digital partnership called for a refresh of the website that is marketed to consumers and spotlights USVIHTA’s Cooperative Marketing Initiative members. But, instead of investing time and energy in retooling the old site, the ChartLocal team felt it would be better to develop a new site over the summer without additional charge to the association. The new site not only has a new look, but also improves the technology and Search Engine Optimization technology that will allow the website to be found more often by those searching for information related to the USVI.

The new site went live Sept. 1 and can be found at the same URL as always – The important thing to remember is that this is a process. The main topical landing pages and content have been redone, but most of the sub-page content remains consistent with what we had before, but packaged within the new design framework and content management system. However, the digital team plans to continue monthly content updates that CMI members provide, so look for the site to continuously evolve.

You’ll see that the homepage now boasts a dynamic video montage. Our first goal once the site is found is to entice travelers to want to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands and explore our website, then we want them to take action and book accommodations and activities with you! One of the most important and valuable changes is that the “Book Direct” bar follows consumers as they navigate through the site. That’s because creating bookings for our members is a primary goal and function of the site.

This new consumer website gives us a fresh look in keeping with travel website design trends plus updated technology that increases our exposure in the digital marketplace!

Membership Committee: Attention members! Send your social media content (including photos, videos, promotions, etc.) to Lynnsy Jones at for inclusion on our sites. And don’t forget to check out our member page! Stay up-to-date with what members and the association are doing for you, and remember to share your own updates!