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Island Green Living Association, working in concert with the Department of Planning & Natural Resources and the Department of Agriculture, oversaw the assignment of hurricane mulch on St. John and all has been reserved. Now those on St. Thomas and St. Croix are invited to apply for free mulch generated from vegetative hurricane debris. The mulch is made up of green and brown vegetation and does not include treated wood or other contaminants.

“The demand on St. John for free mulch from green debris caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria is high and we are pleased to report that it has all been spoken for. We are confident that we will have the same response on St. Thomas and St. Croix,” said Island Green Living Association President Harith Wickrema. “It is heartening to know that local farmers, landscapers and other community members who suffered from the devastating impact of these two unprecedented storms will benefit from the mulch of downed trees and other green vegetation. I applaud the tireless efforts of Commissioner Dawn Henry of DPNR and Commissioner Carlos Robles of DOA on this endeavor.”

“One of the focuses of the Governor’s Debris Management Team is to find beneficial re-uses for the vegetative debris. Mulch will play such a role and will benefit cross sections of the community. Environmental projects can benefit with the use of mulch filled silt stocking, DPW can utilize for infrastructure projects, residents can utilize in landscaping, and farmers and nurseries will use as part of their everyday business practice,” said Commissioner of DPNR Dawn Henry,.

“Our local farmers, gardeners and others in the community will benefit immensely from this rich vegetative material, saving money and improving soil quality so badly impacted by the storms,” said Commissioner of DOA Carlos Robles. “It will also support our long term goal of expanding the agriculture industry locally.”

Island Green Living reached out to the local St. John community to obtain commitments for a minimum of 20 cubic yards of hurricane mulch each. Those on St. Thomas interested in committing to at least 20 cubic yards (one truck load) can apply by emailing with name, location where the mulch should be delivered, contact details and number of cubic yards requested. DPNR will coordinate with the Army Corps on delivery/pick up arrangements.

Those who commit to taking the mulch must verify that they understand how to handle and treat wood chips to ensure safety. Mulchers must pledge that they will spread it as soon as possible after delivery and those interested in composting must show they understand the steps necessary to properly break down the organic material and have the adequate supplies. Island Green Living Association will provide details on proper steps on as well.

Island Green Living Association (Island Green) is a registered 501 (c)(3) not for profit organization dedicated to sustainability throughout the USVI. Visit for more information.