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MBW Graduates (left to right) Amon Re Smith, Alan Sprauve, Akeem McIntosh and Tatyhane Colbert were the MBW graduates able to attend graduation in person.

The Eljhaie Brathwaite Project played the processional, “Pomp and Circumstance.” Chrystie Payne, MBW Communications Director, served as MC. Julius Jackson and Scott Bradley welcomed the crowd and thanked everyone for their support. Pastor Jeff Neevel of STRC and MBW board member, delivered the Invocation, followed by the national anthems, played by the The Eljhaie Brathwaite Project.

Keynote Speaker, Senate Donna Frett-Gregory, who was first elected in 2018 to serve as a senator in the 33rd Legislature and now serves as Senate President in the 34th, making her the third woman in the Legislature’s history to hold the title. She is a proud Virgin Islander, born to a Kittian mother and St. Thomian father, and grew up in the Hospital Ground and Donoe communities – addressed the graduates with an encouraging message stating, “Remember, in life, you do not always have to take the well traveled road. It’s okay to be different. You can create a unique path for yourself, but you must work hard and believe in your ability to succeed.”

Graduates, Akeem McIntosh and Alan Sprauve offered words of encouragement and shared the impact MBW has had. MBW Assistant Program Director Nakeba Stewart, shared her remarks and introduced a video honoring graduates’ MBW journey.

MBW Executive Director, Jenny Hawkes, recognized three honors graduates who earned a GPA of 3.4 and above: Tatyhane Colbert, Angel Cruz and Alan Sprauve. She also presented the Outstanding Academic Performance Award to Angel Cruz, the Achievement Award to Amon-Re Smith and the STRC “Love Your Neighbor Award” to Nickelle Lake for outstanding character and exemplary community service. Following the presentation of diplomas, Ms. Hawkes conferred the graduating class, asking them to turn their tassels to the left and throw their caps in the air. It was a moment of pure jubilation! The class processed out to the sounds of Voice “CHEERS TO LIFE” cover by the Eljhaie Brathwaite Project. MBW Café and Bakery provided to-go snacks and refreshments following the service.

The following MBW graduates earned accredited high school diplomas from Penn Foster High School: Tatyhane Colbert, Angel Cruz, Nickelle Lake, Akeem McIntosh, Bakabu Patrick, Alan Sprauve and Amon-Re Smith. MBW Trainee, Kielli Donaghue received a Certificate in Jewelry Repair and Design from Penn Foster.

Left to right: Alan Sprave, Amon Re Smith, DOE Commissioner Racquel Berry-Benjamin, Senator Alma Francis Heyliger, Scott Bradley, Tatyhane Colbert, Senate President Donna Frett-Gregory, Akeem McIntosh
MBW Trainee, Kielli Donaghue received a Certificate in Jewelry Repair and Design from Penn Foster.
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