US Virgin Islands Hotel & Tourism Association

St. Thomas has an exciting new experience to share with your concierges, front desk staff, and guest services staff so they can pass it onto guests! Experience a new spooky nighttime treasure hunt with the Tropical Treasure Hunt! Use our lanterns and other tools to search for buried treasure while encountering the ghosts of piracy past. We have partnered with Virgin Islands Eco Tours to provide your crew kayaks to explore the eerie St. Thomas mangroves to find clues during the adventure. Also take in the scenic sunset while riding the Paradise Point Skyride.

What is all included?

  • Immersive indoor and outdoor 4.5 hour treasure hunt around St Thomas
  • 1.5 hour kayak guided tour in the mangroves with Eco Tours
  • Sky-ride admission
  • Private van transportation
  • Cooler on the van with water, snacks and beer
  • A locally crafted beer and an appetizer at different establishments
  • Pirate swag to get in the swashbuckling spirit

 We are charging only our costs on Nov. 13.

$80 to participate – 18 & up only.

Call 786-296-8800 or email to sign up now!

If you would like a private Ghosts of Piracy Past package in the future, the minimum is 8 hunters to book.