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Theodore Tunick Insurance Company hosted its annual Employee Appreciation Day with the help of Tropical Treasure Hunt. This event marked the second collaboration between the two companies, further solidifying both companies’ commitment to fostering a collaborative and successful workforce. Even though the event took place in the middle of the recent heat wave, the participants eagerly embraced the challenges and were able to enjoy most of the planned activities. Employee Yolanda said in her review, “The games flowed so well and kept us engaged. Never would I have thought that I’d have that much fun running around on the beach in the hot sun.. but it was soooooo worth it!”

Tropical Treasure Hunt, the USVI’s premier teambuilding service specializing in unforgettable, immersive adventures, leveraged founder and managing member Anthony Schultz’s background in Industrial and Organizational Psychology to create an event tailored to the company’s needs. Research-based best practices in employee engagement and teambuilding are the foundation of every event to ensure a day filled with excitement and cooperation.

The day kicked off with an energetic welcome ceremony where participants were divided into their preset teams, encouraging healthy competition and collaboration. The event took place at beautiful Magen’s Bay Beach and included events such as the Blindfolded Maze (a Tropical Treasure Hunt original), Archery Tag, Create-A-Castle Sandcastle Competition, and the brand-new Human Battleship.

The treasure hunt incorporated a variety of team-building activities, including problem-solving challenges, physical tasks, and strategic games. In the Blindfold Maze, one team member must navigate a rope maze blindfolded with directions from another teammate. This not only challenges the employees’ balance and coordination but also their communication, empathy, and listening skills while building trust amongst the team. The Create-A-Castle Competition fosters teamwork and collaboration while allowing employees’ creativity to soar. Human Battleship and Archery Tag allow teams to develop critical thinking skills and a strategy for winning, and to adhere to that strategy even while under fire (literally). By working together to unravel the mysteries and complete the tasks, the teams forged stronger bonds and enhanced their camaraderie.

Throughout the day, the participants were treated to refreshing breaks, allowing them to cool off and rejuvenate in the shade. Tropical Treasure Hunt provides refreshments and snacks during all its events, ensuring that the employees remain energized and hydrated in challenging weather conditions.

Theodore Tunick Insurance Company is a renowned insurance provider with a rich history of delivering exceptional services to its clients. With a dedication to professionalism, integrity, and customer satisfaction, the company has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. Alongside its affiliate companies, Theodore Tunick Insurance Company values its employees’ contributions and recognizes the importance of fostering a positive work environment through teambuilding initiatives. Employee Makeda said of the day, “We had a amazing time at our annual picnic. Thank you and your team for all of your efforts, the games were fantastic.”

Tropical Treasure Hunt was proud to organize a second Employee Appreciation Day for Theodore Tunick Insurance Company and its affiliate companies. Tropical Treasure Hunt knows the importance of increased employee engagement on employee morale and the company’s bottom line. (For more information about these and other statistics, see our blog post about PRN Pharmaceutical). Tunick’s event exemplified the company’s commitment to fostering a positive work environment and recognizing the dedication and hard work of its employees. The unforgettable experience not only provided a well-deserved break from daily routines but also strengthened teamwork, communication, and trust among colleagues.

As Theodore Tunick Insurance Company continues to prioritize employee appreciation, events like these will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and success of the organization, inspiring employees to perform their best and ensuring a bright future for the company and its affiliates. Contact today to find out how you can leverage Tropical Treasure Hunt’s teambuilding services to meet your company’s needs.


*This article was written with help by Chat GPT.