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The Boys & Girls Club of St. Thomas recently provided an update for 2018.


  • Thank you Lisa for connecting us with Fathom, My Brother’s Workshop and the Department of Tourism. Over 100 Fathom volunteers were present to paint, build game tables and read to students. The event was well received by the students and well represented by board members. Thank you letters were sent to the Department of Tourism, My Brother’s Workshop and Fathom.
  • CFVI gave our organization $25,000 to continue supporting the youth in St. Thomas. Alex spoke with CFVI to explain the affiliation/relationship with BGC Miami-Dade.
  • The internet and phone line is working at the club.
  • The club has a new sign and banner. The old sign was damaged with the hurricanes.


  • Paul Davis held a Valentine’s Day BBQ at the club and served hotdogs and hamburgers.
  • Ben and Chinue created a new website for the organization – A Facebook page has been created, too (will wait to launch the Facebook page after MOU is signed).
  • CFVI granted us $15,000 to start a BGC club in St. John (future plans).
  • Zelda is working on the MOU. More to come.
  • The Rotarians and board members (Karen Nelson-Hughes and Kim Farr) raised funds to send ~25 children to see Black Panther on 2/25. Sue and I wrote up a short article about this and sent it in to the Daily News.
  • Jackie received a $5,000 donation from Fire and Hammer Evangelist on 2/24. Chinue deposited this check, Kim’s donation ($1,400), and Sue/Addie’s donation ($128.75). Donation letters were sent by Sue.
  • Chinue recognized Kim Farr for her dedication and time. She has been a phenomenal board member.