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Tropical Treasure Hunt and The Boys & Girls Club

On a beautiful day in sunny St. Thomas, the Boys & Girls Club of St. Thomas/St. John embarked on a thrilling adventure with Tropical Treasure Hunt. The Virgin Islands’ premier team building service provided an unforgettable experience for the children, offering a range of engaging activities that not only entertained but also fostered valuable social-emotional skills. By adhering to the SAFE principles of learning (Sequenced, Active, Focused, and Explicit), Tropical Treasure Hunt ensured a day filled with excitement, growth, and meaningful connections.

Ms. Jacqueline Brown, Regional Director of the Boys & Girls Club, had nothing but wonderful things to say about the day: “It has been the perfect fit for our youths on both islands. The children loved going to the Sapphire Beach Resort which was not only safe, but also fun and exciting! The staff were very professional, respectful and helpful and gave guidance to the different adventures…I would recommend this company’s ultimate journey to anyone!!! It’s the best Treasure Hunt Hands down! They do such awesome things with the adults and kids especially during the summer!”

Tropical Treasure Hunt’s carefully designed sequence of activities captivated the children’s attention while building upon their existing skills. The children were divided into teams and rotated through a series of activities such as the Blindfold Maze, answering questions in the Pirates Treasure Museum, and the Archery Tag. Archery Tag is a safe form of archery that uses foam tipped arrows and is a hybrid of archery and dodgeball. It provides students hands-on training to effectively shoot an arrow, allowing for a fun confidence booster. During the Blindfold Maze, the youngsters embraced the challenge of navigating through a maze while blindfolded. This activity not only encourages trust among team members but also hones their communication and problem-solving abilities. The Pirates Treasure Museum activity gives the team a chance to strategize the best way to collect all the answers while managing their limited time wisely. It also allows them to learn about St. Thomas history during the Golden Age of Piracy (1650-1725). 

Throughout the day, the children remained actively engaged in various stimulating endeavors. The team at Tropical Treasure Hunt recognizes the importance of physical movement in enhancing the learning experience. Whether it was maneuvering through the maze or exploring the captivating exhibits of the Pirates Treasure Museum, the children were continuously immersed in hands-on activities that stimulated their minds and bodies.

One of the standout features of Tropical Treasure Hunt’s team building day is the explicitness of each activity’s goals. The children were not only made aware of the specific skill they were practicing but were also given a clear understanding of the outcome they were striving to achieve. Whether it was successfully navigating the Blindfold Maze, correctly answering pirate trivia questions, or learning how to properly shoot an arrow, the children were motivated by clearly defined objectives, spurring them to give their best efforts.

To complete the day, Tropical Treasure Hunt partnered with Sapphire Beach Bar to provide a delicious and healthy bag lunch for the children. With their appetites sated, the youngsters had a chance to recharge and reflect on the activities they had participated in. This moment of relaxation and nourishment further contributed to the overall success of the team building day.

Tropical Treasure Hunt’s exceptional team building events showcase the importance of combining fun and learning. By aligning their activities with the SAFE principles of learning, Tropical Treasure Hunt ensured that the children experienced a day filled with meaningful interactions, skill development, and personal growth. The Blindfold Maze, pirate trivia at the Pirates Treasure Museum, and the archery tag all provided unique opportunities for the children to practice essential social-emotional skills while having an absolute blast. Through this remarkable event, Tropical Treasure Hunt has firmly established itself as a premier team building service for children, leaving a lasting positive impact on the young participants and the community at large.

What’s next for Tropical Treasure Hunt? On Thursday July 6th, they partnered with the Girls Scouts to do a social-emotional learning (SEL) program for a small group of 12-15 girls. This event included Archery tag, Blindfolded maze and Create a Caste took place at Magens Bay. On Friday, July 7, they will partner with the Department of Parks & Recreation to host 60 St. Thomas Summer Campers for a day of teamwork, learning, and fun. The event will be held at Sapphire Beach and feature many similar activities. Tropical Treasure Hunt prides itself on its flexibility in customizing the event for the group size, location, and specific needs.


*This article was written with help from ChatGPT